Rustic Urban Soap Co is located about 3 hours North of Brisbane, in the town of Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. Previously located in the coastal town of Hervey Bay, relocating in late 2018.


At Rustic Urban Soap Co we love to create Natural, handmade products, they are great for your skin and environment. With a love of all things natural and beautiful, and from the humble beginnings as an aromatherapist, massage therapist and nutritionist, Touch of Bliss Body Care was born in 2001. Later changing its name to Rustic Urban Soap Co.

After years of making my handmade skin care and natural soap creations for friends and family, being complimented time and time again, Rustic Urban Soap Co started selling to their clients back in 2004. Since then the customer base has continued to grow and now we have expanded to the internet.

The soap provided by Rustic Urban Soap Co is tried and true, made in small batches, ensuring each batch is made with the love and attention it deserves. Whilst many commercial soap or detergent bars use a number of chemicals and can result in dry and irritated skin. Our soaps are made with moisturising oils and butter.

Our soaps are made using the old fashion cold processed method, which means that glycerine remains within the bar. Each batch also contains a number of other natural ingredients to help create a moisturizing soap bar. Rustic Urban Soap Co use a number of natural and organic ingredients including natural oils, botanicals, fresh goats milk, clays and essential oils to bring you a soap bar your body will love time and time again.

All our creations are made with the love and detail they deserve, Our range of handmade goodies are months and years of testing, research, tears, knowledge and more testing to provide you with a great range of handmade soaps, soy candles, and lotions which we hope you will enjoy.

We here at Rustic Urban Soap Co certainly enjoyed the number of baths, showers, scrubbing and cream lathering we have to take to test out the products we make.

None of our products are tested on animals.

Our soaps are biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Our handmade soap, soy candles, natural organic skin care and other products are made right here in the South Burnett, Queensland

ABN: 90 314 678 560